World Hope’s work in Kenya, Africa is a multi-faceted ministry and the largest of our centers around the globe. In November of 2000, World Hope began building on an eight-acre piece of land in the middle of Kawangware Slum, East Africa’s second largest slum. The land was a garbage dump and had acquired the epithet, “Hell’s Hole.” This smoldering expanse of land was a lawless area where the worst imaginable often took place. Out of that barren place Hope Center has blossomed. On campus, Hope Church sees hundreds come to worship on Sundays and be discipled throughout the week.

Across the dirt-paved street from the Hope Center is the Hope Academy, which is educating and feeding over 400 children daily. The Hope Academy, founded in 2002, has become the vehicle for hundreds of children to escape the cycle of poverty. Also located in Kawangware, the school educates children from pre-school through the eleventh grade and has become a beacon of hope throughout the entire area. Every morning at Hope Academy children dressed in full uniform provided by World Hope walk to school, some from as far away as three miles. At 10:00 AM they break for a piece of bread and tea, and then again at 1:00 PM for lunch. For many of these children, this will be their only meal of the day.

The children are educated by university-trained teachers and participate in the National Testing Service recognized throughout Kenya. World Hope believes that the way out of the slums is through education, and we are committed to bringing the best education possible to these children. In the last year, we have added a new building that now houses the high school for the Hope Academy which continues to make progress toward state-of-the-art learning materials and facilities. In addition, programs such as Everlasting Light, a therapy program for the highest risk students, are ensuring success on the emotional level as well.

Through our partnerships, Hope Center is home to one of the most successful sports ministries anywhere, with hundreds of young people participating in team sports that not only give them physical exercise and discipline, but also teach them about life.

The Hope Center is changing so many lives that it is difficult to measure its impact. The effect is so far-reaching that its reputation is becoming known throughout the country of Kenya. Other ministries are coming to see the great success that the Lord has given to the project. As we continue to grow and expand, we praise the Lord for what He has done and thank Him for the many that have been given a new hope in Him.